The Legend of Sfanthor House of Wax

PLEASE READ: The movie monster museum at SFANTHOR HOUSE OF WAX officially CLOSED for good on October 31, 2016. Thanks to all our loyal and devoted fans for visiting us while we were open.
In the meantime, please visit our original attraction, Museum of the Weird, featuring the new SFANTHOR’S CHAMBER OF HORRORS!  Open 10am to midnight everyday!
PLEASE READ!  The following is our ARCHIVED WEBSITE and is no longer applicable, as the original attraction, SFANTHOR HOUSE OF WAX, has been closed since November 2016. The site has been preserved here for ARCHIVAL / HISTORICAL purposes only:
Walk through the winding halls of Castle Sfanthor and experience a century of celluloid monsters immortalized in wax… “some that you’ll recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of,” as Ray Davies sang. Explore Sfanthor’s gift shop, a mecca of geekdom featuring vintage comic books, toys, action figures, model kits, and some of the coolest genre t-shirts you’ll find in the city.
Castle Sfanthor
Our mission is to share the love and passion we have for pop culture and these iconic films with all generations of fans, whether you consider yourself a classic creature connesuer or are just now discovering your new-found interest in the genre. At Sfanthor, you are the king of the castle!


$8.00 per person
$5.00 kids under 8
As always, it is FREE to enter our comics and collectibles store section.

Combo Tickets

Save money by purchasing combo tickets for both of our fine Austin attractions:
Sfanthor House of Wax and
Museum of the Weird*
$18.00 per person
$10.00 kids under 8
Combo tickets are good for up to 7 days from date of purchase.
(*Regular Museum of the Weird tickets are $12 each and $7 each child under 8)


Contact Us

Want to know more about the legendary Sfanthor House of Wax?  While the attraction has been closed since 2016, we are still happy to answer any questions. Feel free to get in touch by calling Museum of the Weird at (512) 476-5493.


Original location (now CLOSED):

Sfanthor House of Wax
1101 S. Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
512-444-7326 (512-444-SFAN)