Introducing the return of Austin’s movie monster wax museum, Sfanthor’s Chamber of Horrors!   Now officially the newest addition to the Museum of the Weird on 6th Street!

Open 10am to midnight everyday!


The year was 2013. In the heart of Austin a strange and mysterious structure was being built. As construction continued, the building began to take the shape of something familiar but seemingly out-of-place on trendy South Congrss Avenue — a medieval castle.

By early 2014, construction was completed. And after months of speculation, the castle finally revealed it’s name and purpose. SFANTHOR HOUSE OF WAX, Austin’s movie monster wax museum, was born!

Many people came into SFANTHOR over the next three years, both locals and visitors alike, as well as many celebreties including Tim Burton, John Landis, Rob Zombie, Jack Black, John Stamos, Leonard Maltin and Cate Blanchett to name a few.  Both long-time fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror movies, as well as new fans just discovering the genres, began to hear about this wonderful homage to the classic films, and took the journey to see it for themselves.

And then, it was gone as quickly as it appeared.

SFANTHOR HOUSE OF WAX closed it’s doors in November of 2016, having lost it’s lease to make way for a new development project on that site.

Now, Sfanthor Rises From The Grave… and is reborn at the Museum of the Weird!